Vietnam is our FAVOURITE country in the whole world (at the moment). The views were I.N.S.A.N.E. The people were lovely, the culture… we loved absolutely everything about Vietnam. 

Quick tip: The more north you go the better the views get. Try to get as close to the Chinese border as possible! 

Travelling by motorbike is the best way to travel Vietnam, so try to learn before arriving… public transport is always a bit stressful in Asia,  (they put our bike on the wrong train)…

If you only have a few weeks, go straight to Hanoi and travel north. If you have a month, start in Ho Chi Minh City and head north, it gets better and better as you go along! I have written a whole itinerary of where to stay, where to get your bike, things to avoid etc… all in our Vietnam blog! Check it out below!


Vietnam By Bike – ROAD TRIP!

Vietnam! One of the best countries in the world, especially if you fancy a road trip on a motorbike! We travelled from the South (Ho Chi Minh City) to the very North of Vietnam. We took a completely un touristy route and honestly cannot explain the experience we had. Here you’ll find our route, places we stayed, how much we spent and a few discount codes! I hope you enjoy and even more so, enjoy Vietnam as much as we did!

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