Travelling as a Couple | What is it really like?


Travelling as a Couple

2 HUGE gambles right there!

When you’re planning to travel on your own, you are already risking a lot! Worried about what could go wrong with just yourself to worry about let alone having someone else to look out for also! But fear not. I’m here to reassure you that it can be done either way, very easily! Obviously, we have always travelled together so Ima break ‘travelling as a couple’ down for you.

*Disclaimer – I am no relationship specialist TRUST ME. If you break up on your trip that’s all on you HA!*

*Disclaimer 2 – This is a very open blog and I’ve written it in a way that seems like I’m only talking about Sam, but some of the examples are actually me haha. I’m not telling you which ones though you can try to work it out for yourselves.*

Will it work?

Plain and simple: Yes it can work.

Why wouldn’t it work? Before you commit to travelling together, you would have spent enough time together beforehand to know if your compatible or not. Sometimes, travelling is not for everyone. You both have to equally want to do it, together. Or it will never work.

Saying this though it definitely can go either way. We’ve seen couples arguing every day, we’ve seen people break up. We’ve even met people who’s other half has gone home after the first week because it wasn’t for them. You really need to have more of an open mind than you normally would.

Give it time

The first 4 weeks into travelling (in my opinion) are the most vital 4 weeks of the whole trip. Things you think you already know about each other definitely change! Have you ever seen your partner with food poisoning?  or see them turn their pants inside out to get 2 days worth out of them? Probably not. Do you really think you know them inside and out? I’m gonna set it straight: You do not know them. Not as well as you are about to know them.

In the first 4 weeks, you are getting to grips with travel life and sussing out whether it’s for you or not. I knew straight away that this is the life I have always dreamed of, and getting to share it with hubby-to-be is the cherry on top. However… it doesn’t always come easy. There have definitely been times where we have been so stressed out with the actual ‘travelling’ part of ‘travelling’ and that alone can cause some serious arguments. Lucky for me, Sam isn’t an argumentative person, and in the 3 and a half years we’ve been together we’ve probably had one argument, not even argument, just bickers. Some space is always good and healthy, especially if you’re travelling for the long run. Sam did his scuba diving course by himself (was a week in total) whilst I relaxed in the sun. I really missed him tbh and was glad when he was finished with it. If Sam had my personality things would be so different! He actually deserves a medal putting up with my shit haha!

Its all about compromise

Just in case your not familiar with the word ‘compromise’, I’ll explain it for you. You wanna do something? You can either do it by yourself or together, and the other person needs to appreciate that and do the same. Not everything is going to suit both of you, so either try to enjoy it with your partner or let them go by them self to do it, that is not an issue. As long as you know they are okay then it’s good.

When your spending 24 hours a day with someone for months and months, you have to learn to compromise, its the only way! Don’t be selfish about anything and it will work out absolutely fine! (You learn how to work things out very quickly when you travel together).

Staying in dorms?

This is something I always try to avoid, dorms in hostels. Just cause, ya know. It’s nice to have some privacy as a couple (if you catch my drift). Also, it’s hot in Asia and you can’t sleep naked in a dorm! Every time we’re in a dorm we always pay for 2 beds and always squeeze on the one 😂. Can’t stay away from each other, what can I say.

A more ideal situation is getting a private room in a hostel, you still get to socialise and meet people in the hostel but you’ve got your own privacy if you want it. Dorm life ain’t the one for me, whereas Sam really isn’t fussed. If there is a big price difference we’ll just stay in a dorm, its not the end of the world.

Getting Jealous

Who meeeee???

Haha, jokes aside, if you are a jealous person, leave your partner at home and go travelling by yourself. *slurps coffee*

You have to have an open mind, and be well laid back when it comes to meeting other people. We’re adults now guys, there’s no point in keeping an eye on randomer’s (unless they’re better looking than me… HA just kidding) because what’s the point? Be sociable, meeting other people and gaining friends is all part of the experience!

The worst thing about travelling as a couple?

When the other person shits them self and you have to try to help them.

HAHA only joking (debatable). The worse thing is when the other person is unwell or upset. Because you’re here to have the best time and it’s not the best time 100% of the time. It can get stressful, it can get emotional, but if you’ve picked the right egg, they will help you through it (that’s what the contract is right? in sickness and in health?). Also, we always say ‘sleep on it’. If you do feel a bit shit or unmotivated and thinking of stupid ideas like ‘going home’, sleep on it. Because guaranteed, tomorrow is a new day to blossom and be grateful for. A good nights sleep is the best thing before you make mad decisions.

The best thing about travelling as a couple?

Watching each other grow and bloom into beautiful travel bugs. Seeing how happy this life makes another person, is for sure the best thing. Sharing the memories, having someone to back up my crazy stories. Having someone be there when I’m dying from food poisoning for the 5th time. Someone to be there for the amazing times/proud moments but also being reassured on down days, because you do get them AND (saving the best til last) having someone to go and get you some food. Obvs.

If you’re really lucky, you might even end up with a ring on your finger. (I still cry whenever I look at it haha). Exciting times ahead!

How do you deal with money?

We get asked this a lot. The easiest way to deal with travelling as a couple is to get a joint account and put the exact same amount of money in it. We put £500 in each to start with and topped up when needed.  

The account is used for everything. Cash, hotels, food, activities… It’s the most stress-free way, trust me.  

If one of you is starting to run out of money, you should think quickly about your next steps on the trip. Never rely on your other half to pay for your shit. It’s not fair and we’re in a very equal society these days. Although if they offer and would rather you continue travelling together using their money, well. You can’t say no to that, can you? 😂 As long as you both have the same mindset with money it will be all plain sailing. 

For more things, money click here for my in-depth money/savings/spending blog.

Is it better as a couple or alone?  

God knows! Everyone has their own experiences. Some people have the best time on their own, whereas some people much prefer being with their other half and sharing the experience. You’ll have the best time, either way, trust me.  

I hope you found this blog interesting and helpful! Sam and I spent 24 hours a day with each other for a year and 4 months. We’ve only just started to see each other less because now we’re working in different places. 

Let me tell ya, if we can do it, you can do it. Get over the first hurdle (first 4 weeks) and you will be sweet my friend! 

Thanks for reading! 

Lozza J