The Best Things To Do In The North Of Thailand


The North of Thailand is actually beautiful. It was the first area we travelled on this whole trip and we loved it! Here you’ll find the top things we did in the North of Thailand that we think you’ll love and also a few recommended places to stay.

 Happy Elephant Home - Chiang Mai
Happy Elephant Home – Chiang Mai

Happy elephant home 

If you want to get up close and personal with beautiful elephants in the Northern Thai jungles, Happy Elephant Home is a great place to do it. No riding, a small group of people with 5/6 wonderful elephants. 

I’ve written another blog about this place, so click here if you want to check that out! 

Always be EXTRA CAREFUL when it comes to elephants and do not pay into an animal abusive ‘company’ that claims they look after the animals when they defiantly don’t.  

 Chiang Mai Jungle Trek
Chiang Mai Jungle Trek

2 Day Jungle Trek

Well this was the hardest thing I had probably ever done at this stage of my life/our travels. Trekking through the beautiful jungle, in the 35 degree heat, all up mountains for 4.5 hours without stopping. 

 I was so close to calling it a day but then it poured down with rain literally saving my life ๐Ÿ˜‚. 

The trek was actually so worth it once we reached the top. We stayed over night with locals that live at the top of the mountain, which was an amazing experience. 

The following day we trekked a bit and did some waterfall jumping and had such a good time!  

Zoey in yellows

Zoey in yellows is one of the famous backpacker bars in Chiang Mai! Such a fun night out if that’s the kind of thing you like! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ 

You can find some really good bars in Chiang Mai, often with live singers or jazz bands. Great places to meet people too, both locals and other backpackers.

 Chaing Mai Sunday Market
Chaing Mai Sunday Market

Chiang Mai sunday market

Without a doubt, one of the best markets in Asia. You can get pretty much everything and anything at the Chiang Mai Sunday Market. Food, art, clothes as well as enjoy the entertainment that there is to offer around the whole market. Its a big one, so head over there with plenty of time and an empty belly so you can go nuts and fully indulge.

Chiang Rai temples

Ever heard of the famous white temple? One of the most beautiful buildings we have ever seen.  

Chiang Mai is home to the white temple, blue temple and black temple. All 3 are worth going to for sure. Hire a few mopeds with your friends and make a day trip out of it. Takes a few hours driving between them but worth it for sure.  

 Viewpoint in Pai
Viewpoint in Pai

Go to pai

Pai is the best little hippy town up in the mountains from Chiang Mai. If you like herbs and funky vegetables then head on up to Pai!  

A lot of people try to drive it on a moped but a lot of people end up crashing so I wouldn’t recommend it. 762 bends up a mountain in a mini bus with most people being sick is a much better experience than losing a limb up a mountain ๐Ÿ˜‚, I recon anyway.  

 Slow boat to Laos
Slow boat to Laos

 Slow boat to laos

The last stop for a lot of people in the North of Thailand is Chiang Kong, which you can get the slow boat to Laos. The boat takes 2 days and is an experience for sure. Probably the best and worse though, ha. If you like a piss-up and fancy a challenge with the local kids at the overnight point then you’ll love this. 

Check out my whole blog on the slow boat to Laos. Enjoy.  

 Places we Recommend to stay:

 Monkey Toe Hostel
Monkey Toe Hostel

Chiang Mai: Monkey Toe Hostel. We ended up staying here for like 2 weeks haha. ยฃ4 each per night and includes unlimited amount of toast at my point of the day! What more could you want?  

Chiang Rai: Connect Hostel

Pai: It really depends what you want in Pai. If you want to party head to Pai Circus Hostel. If you want a chilled one, get a private hut at any of the Pai hostels. The dorms in Pai are often noisy as fu** as everyones partying. So bare this in mind if you head over there.

To finish, bloody enjoy it!! The North of Thailand is beautiful and is a great opportunity to enjoy many different experiences! Be sure to comment below and let us know if you have found this blog useful!!

Peace Lads!