Top Things to do in Bangkok


Our first ever stop on our whole trip: Bangkok

First impressions? Busy, chaotic, amazing, smelly, cheap, expensive… basically every possible emotion. The city has a huge international mix of people but its big, interesting and there is something to do for everyone!

Here is a list of things we have done in Bangkok that we are sure you will love!

Unicorn Cafe

If you love all things pink, head to the Unicorn Cafe, even Sam enjoyed it. They literally have pretty pink everything with teddys and unicorns hanging down from the ceiling. All of the food and drinks they sell are served in some kind of cute way. Our hostel was literally down the road from here which was just perfect!

Khaosan Road

I wouldn’t say this is one of the best things, but its one of those you kind of have to experience! Bangkok’s famous backpacker strip! Buckets/bars, plenty of rolling stools selling dried out bugs/spiders if that takes ya fancy! Worth a night out just to say you’ve been there!

Red Sky Bar – Featured on ‘The Hangover’

If you fancy a more classy night out, head to the sky bars. They are free to get in to, but the drinks will throw you back about £20 per drink. They are served in an amazing way though, some with little rubber duckies floating in your glass, mine come in a birds cage. The Red Sky Bar was where part of The Hangover was filmed, so worth checking out for sure! There is a dress code though, jeans/trousers for men, propper shoes and basically look nice and like you can afford to be there (even if your a backpacker and just buying one drink).


 Bangkok Temple
Bangkok Temple

Find yourself a tuk-tuk driver for the day and go to a few of the best temples around Bangkok. If you’ve got a whole day free, defiantly check out the grand palace. We didn’t manage to go unfortunately due to it being around the time of the kings funeral.

Always be careful when using tuk-tuks in Bangkok as 70% at least will try and scam you, or take you to a suit shop so they get commission. If you say no they can get really aggy. This happened to us but if they mention suit shop, just get yourselves out of there.

Lumphini Park

 View from Lumphini Park
View from Lumphini Park

This park is just beautiful, walk around it in the day to see the beauty and wildlife, and at night to see a whole different vibe. The city lights up behind you as you walk amongst locals doing there meetly week/work out routines. We actually saw one of the biggest monitor lizards i have ever seen when we were there once. Beautiful park.

Water Taxi – Orange Ticket

Get a water taxi from one side of the city to the other. Make sure you get an orange ticket as these are the cheapest ones. 40 baht will get you the whole way from Silom to the Grand Palace or in reverse. This is like £1.20. Using the water taxis are a great way to see a different vibe to the city.

 Patpong Market
Patpong Market

Patpong Market

We stayed in Silom which is very near to Patpong market. You can find loads of cheap goodies here. It is surrounded by the red light district however. So ping pong shows everywhere. If your interested, which we were (its Bangkok and famous for them) do not go in one in this area. They will lock you in and try to take all of your money. It happened to us. Luckily we had our money hidden and eventually they let us go. Also the show almost made me sick. If your that interested, do some research (more than what we did – stupid drunk mistake).

Animal Cafes

There are loads of cool cafes in Bangkok & loads of animal cafes! so you can go and have a coffee whilst youve got a cute little dog/cat/fox sat on your lap. Do some research though, obviously you want to go to one where the animals are looked after properly. We went to one where there were only a certain number of people allowed in at any time. A lot of fun though if you love animals!

Where to stay:

We stayed at Brb hostel in Silom. Massive double beds in a dorm. Probably the comfiest hostel we have ever stayed in. I recommend it for sure.

Overall Bangkok is full of goodies and there is honestly something for everyone. If your in Thailand or find yourself in Bangkok, 5 days is probably more than enough time to explore. Thanks Lads