Tokyo ULTIMATE Guide – Love Hotels & Sumo Wrestlers


Tokyo ULTIMATE Guide

Ahhhhh Tokyo. The best city on earth. Everything about the Japanese culture is amazing and although we only saw Tokyo, it made that much of an impact that we are already deciding when we can go back to Japan, it seriously blew us away.

It’s a bit pricy but worth every penny. The reason we love it so much is that it’s so much different from any other city we have visited. The people are the friendliest. The city is massive. There is so much you can do and see. If I could stay in one city forever, hands down it would be Tokyo, without a second thought. 

5 days was not enough and we were gutted when we were leaving. Here are some of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Shibuya crossing  

Shibuya crossing is literally a zebra crossing, worth seeing for sure. It is the biggest and busiest zebra crossing in the whole world. It’s hectic but it’s brilliant! Thousands of people swarming as they cross the road. Such a cool thing to see.

Sumo wrestlers

You may or may not know, but sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan. We weren’t there during the peak season for it unfortunately but we know a place you can go to watch them train, for free. We got too drunk the night before though so missed it. We’ll be forever gutted for that. Click here to find out where the stadiums are and everything you need to know on watching Sumo’s training.

 Selfie with a Sumo!
Selfie with a Sumo!


I didn’t try any sushi because I’m animal-less, but we did ‘go for sushi’ with an amazing photographer Henry, (who you should totally meet up with if you go to Tokyo) and his partner. Going for sushi and drinking a hot spirit called Sake is a great way to traditionally spend an evening with Japanese company. Sam tried sushi for the first time here and loved the experience. You can actually watch the chef making it and try it when each individual one is made. Kind of like Spanish tapas.

Cherry blossom  

If you can, make sure you go to Japan in the cherry blossom season. Which is between January and May. April is apparently the best month for it. We were there in December so just missed it, it was still so beautiful regardless. There are so many wonderful parks you can walk around in Tokyo which were all insane. The best one was probably the Meiji Shrine, which is in Shibuya. Such a beautiful place, another is The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

Love Hotels

Pretty much, what it says on the tin. Love hotels are secret hotels you get to go to for a few hours in the afternoon (you can probably guess what for). We wanted to go just to see what they were but we chickened out haha. Apparently, its a hotel that you check yourself into and there is no contact with any humans, you put money into a machine and it gives you a key to a room for a few hours. The hotels are also hard to find, and genuinely are ‘secret’ so you have to do some research to be able to find out where they are. 


 A very drunk/blurry photo of our hostel haha.
A very drunk/blurry photo of our hostel haha.

One of the best hostels we’ve actually ever stayed at AND we stayed in a dorm. Anne’s Hostel was about £15 each per night which was the cheapest accommodation we could find in Tokyo. Right by Ryogoku Station. There is so much to do in this area and Anne’s Hostel was the perfect base too.

I hope this guide helps you if you are off to check out the best city in the world. I have only ‘touched’ on a few of the amazing things there is to do in Tokyo. I have written a separate blog about the amazing toilets Japan has and the weird and wonderful maid cafes. If you’re not planning a trip to Japan any time soon, maybe its about time you started thinking about it. (Let us know if you are too, we’ll happily meet you there! Ha.)

Thanks, Guys!

Lozza J