We Were in For a Huge Shock – Tokyo Toilets & Maids


Tokyo Surprises

Tokyo, one of the best places on earth. Why? Because it is so different from any other city we’ve been to. We only stayed for 5 days but it impacted us so much we can’t wait to go back.

I’ve written an ultimate guide for Tokyo but wanted to tell you about 2 little surprises we come across that we would have never experienced if we hadn’t gone to Japan…

Japanese toilets  

If there’s one thing that really stuck out for me, it’s the toilets.

 Japanese toilet at the underground station.
Japanese toilet at the underground station.

Sam and I were in a night club called ‘Vent‘ (amazing night club if you fancy a night out) and discovered something magical. The toilets were individual bathrooms so Sam and I shared one (standard), as I walked over to the toilet, the lid raised for me, I didn’t need to touch it. When I sat down the seat warmed up and music automatically started playing. If that’s not enough, once I was done (well actually almost done, Sam found some buttons on the wall he was experimenting with). I got squirted up the toosh with warm water AND THEN blow dried 😂.

This whole experience made my ‘going to the toilet’ an effortless and relaxing experience 😂. It wasn’t even just here, the hostel we stayed in had a similar version.  There’s honestly nothing better than a toilet seat that warms ya bum up in the winter months of Japan.

Maid cafe

Ever heard of a Maid Cafe? Us neither! We are always open-minded because you physically cannot travel full time if you are not. So there we were, being our open-minded selves, entering a Maid Cafe. Safe to say Sam and I have never felt so out of place in our entire lives. Japan and Tokyo especially have a huge Anime presence. You find a lot of things in Tokyo that are inspired by Anime and often see people walking around in outfits inspired by anime… There they were, lo and behold, cafes, with actual real-life maids.

 They made us do this, I really don’t know what we are doing…
They made us do this, I really don’t know what we are doing…

You can go for some food and drinks while being served by maids. We were totally under the impression that this was going to be some kind of Tokyo’s sexy, night club vibes (or something similar). We wanted to experience it because you know, culture… We couldn’t be more wrong if we tried. It’s literally girls (16-18 I’d say) dressed as maids, acting overly ‘cute’. You HAVE to wear bunny ears and hold teddy’s when you’re in there. One of the maids come to our table and wanted to show us a ‘magic trick’ and literally counted to 3 and made a love heart with her hands and trotted away. You weren’t allowed to take any photos in there, only one with a maid and you had to pay like £10 for one photo.

The great thing about the cafes is that there is no judgement, and in my opinion, this is one of the best things about Japan. Japanese are so accepting of anything you want to do/experience. I mean, it wasn’t necessary for us but there were businessmen in the maid cafes with their glow sticks and Teddy ears on, with there briefcase sat beside them. Popped to the maid cafe after a day of work, its the norm to them, and no one batted an eyelid.

I hope you liked this ‘much smaller blog than normal’. If you are heading to Japan/Tokyo, head over to our Ultimate Tokyo Guide for all things, Sumos, Cherry Blossom and LOVE HOTELS.

Cheers Friends,

Lozza J