The Best Places To Visit – Malaysia


Malaysia is actually a lot bigger than what people normally think. Beautiful beaches, great food, amazing culture. We visited Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo.


Our first stop we went to was Langkawi, which is a duty-free ISLAND. Yep, island. The most amazing bottles of wine for £4 or less.  

We got a really easy bus and boat to Langkawi from Koh Samui. Langkawi is not super touristy and is a lovely little island worth checking out, mainly for its duty-free goodness! Sam and I had been in Asia for about 6 months, without a decent bottle of red… If I told you that we didn’t drink at least a bottle a night in Langkawi, I would be lying. 

Langkawi has these super cute monkeys (Colugo monkeys) that live there. They have white around there eyes which makes them look like they have huge goggly eyes. The cutest thing ever & they are ONLY found in Langkawi, Malaysia, so make sure you find some!

The street food in Langkawi is super nice! We found ourselves at the same spot every night. There isn’t a whole lot going on in Langkawi but it’s good to rent a scooter and travel all around the island for the day. You can go on a really high cable car which looks fun!

They have beautiful beaches, waterfalls and a sick aquarium if your into that kind of thing.



From Langkawi, we got a boat to Penang. Which for so many reasons is my 2nd favourite place in Malaysia (after Borneo). The street art around Penang is something else! It will keep you busy for hours just checking out the art. Also the food, we had the best Indian dinner to this date, we have ever had. A dream honestly. When we go to India this year, if they top that meal I will actually die. *Wipes dribble off chin*

In Penang we also visited a snake temple which was amazing! Its known that snakes are drawn to going to this temple and its where they breed. They also have a snake farm with pretty much every snake there you could imagine. I’m not sure its entirely true that the snakes all go there naturally, and on their own accord, which is what they told us… Nether the less, its still cool to see.

You should also check out the Chinese Buddhist temple (Kek Lok Si Temple). This is a huge temple and its so beautiful! Full of colours and art.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, one of our favourite cities, from the food, people and infinity pools.

Now, if you are anything like us, I would suggest only staying in KL for 3-4 days. We stayed for like 5-6 and felt this was a tad too long. In saying that though, KL has a lot of great things to do, you can go and see the twin towers, go around the city by FREE BUS, which literally takes you everywhere, check out the markets & the food. Have I mentioned yet that the food in Malaysia is amazing?

We went and checked out a stunning infinity pool overlooking the whole of KL. We had to pay to use it and a lot of the places with infinity pools only let you use them if you’re a resident. (We asked them on facebook and the care taker of the hotel met us outside with a key (not legit at all but at least we got to go in haha).

When we was in KL we were also lucky enough to find ourselves at a hindu festival called Thaipusam which was at Batu Caves. Batu caves is worth going to regardless! Such an amazing place! We were only actually going to see Batu Caves, and on our way there realised there was a huge festival going on, which was for sure an incredible experience.


Borneo, one of the most incredible places on this earth for wildlife. I have actually written a whole borneo blog, so instead of spoiling it all on this one, click here for all things BORNEO.


Unfortunately, we didn’t stay anywhere in Malaysia that we would recommend, and we found it hard to find accommodation for our budget which was £10 a night. If you can splash out a bit then for sure you can get a lot nicer places for £20 onwards!  

I hope you found this Malaysian guide handy! Let us know in the comments below! 

Malaysia is a big place and we will deffo be back to explore the rest of the country.


Sam & Loz