One Day Komodo Tour – Everything You Need to Know


We have just got back from a one day Komodo boat trip and have all the info you’ll need to know for a one day trip in Komodo from Flores. In case your wondering (like I was), Flores is the island that you stay on and where all of the tours to Komodo leave from.


The price for one day on a shared boat, including lunch, shouldn’t be any more than 400,000IDR ($40AUD or £20 approx).

If you want a private boat for 2 people you’re looking at around 2,500,000IDR.

*Important side note* – the ticket price does not include the National Park fees. On a Sunday it’s 400,000IDR and any other day is 300,000IDR approx. There is a breakdown but that’s about the total if you visit these 4 places.

Where do you go? 

 A hot mess after 800 steps. A hot mess after 800 steps.

Generically speaking, the tours are pretty much the same. The first stop is to Pulau Padar, you walk up about 800 steps and get to see one of the most amazing viewpoints we have ever seen. 

The next stop, (it may vary what order you do these in) is the pink beach. As you get closer you realise how pink it is! It looks like strawberry milkshake when the waves roll over.

Next is Komodo Island. Home to Komodo dragons. These things are big, intriguing yet dangerous. You kind of have to approach them as crocodiles, in a way. The Komodo dragons have bacteria in their saliva so if you get bitten by one you can get really ill or even die. So be careful, they are wild animals, follow the Ranger and he’ll let you know all the ins and outs of what to do and what to avoid. 

Last but not least – Manta Point. If you go here the right time of year you’ll see so many Manta Rays which you can snorkel with. This time of year (early July) is low season for Manta Rays so it’s unlikely that you’ll see one unless you’re super lucky! You’ll see other cool marine life though like turtles and stingrays.

What time does it run from & til

 Sunrise from the boat. Sunrise from the boat.

Okay, it’s an early one ladies and gents. 5:30 am you need to be either at the meeting point or getting picked up. Some tour companies pick you up between 5 & 5:30am but others ask you to meet them at a meeting point.  It takes about 3 hours to get to the first stop so you can sleep on your way there!

You don’t get home until about 6:30pm so it’s a full, long (amazing) day. 

Any other info I need to know

Take snacks. The food you get for lunch isn’t a lot and we have been hungry all day 😂

Take trainers & be prepared that the first stop is pretty hard. I had to stop 3 million times before reaching the top. 

Slap the sun cream on, I didn’t and got burnt. The sun doesn’t feel that strong when you’re on the ocean but it’s stronger! 

Take something warm, in the early morning and evening, the wind can make it quite chilly. We had towels and sarongs which did the trick. 

For the first time ever we brought a second, dry swim outfit to change into and this was a life changer! The journeys from place to place can be lengthy and you don’t want to be uncomfortable. 

 Komodo Dragon doing the splits, not something you see every day huh? Komodo Dragon doing the splits, not something you see every day huh?

One last thing. Pack a dry bag so you can take your camera to the pink beach. We also forgot this 😂 learn from our mistakes peeps!

I hope you found this blog helpful! Please let us know in the comments!

Peace & love!

Lozza & Sam