Malaysia is a great place. It’s massive, it spreads so far… Something that is really unique about Malaysia is that in each place we visited, there was a ‘Little India’ & ‘China Town’. 2 completely different vibes literally around the corner from each other. 

Quick tip: Kuala Lumpur is referred to as K.L. 

In Malaysia, you get less for your money when it comes to accomodation. So paying an extra few quid will really get you something nicer. Also in K.L, you can pay £20 a night for an amazing hotel with a roof top infinity pool. Worth doing for sure. 

We also went to the Malaysian side of Borneo, but it was soo good it’s worth its very own page. 

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The Best Places To Visit – Malaysia

Malaysia is actually a lot bigger than what people normally think. Beautiful beaches, great food, amazing culture. We visited Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo. Our first stop we went to was Langkawi which is a duty-free ISLAND. Yep, island. The most amazing bottles of wine for £4 or less. Would I be lying if I said we didn’t get hammered every single night?

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