India. The most hectic & chaotic place we have ever been, but also one of the most fascinating. The food is some of the best we have ever experienced, the smells from the spice markets are incredible, the beautiful temples and the rich culture makes it all worth it! 

Quick tip: If you are flying into Delhi, get your hotel to arrange your transport. Trust me its better that way and you will avoid getting scammed.

Read our India guide below for more in depth tips!


Delhi Travel Guide – Arriving in Delhi

Arriving in Delhi for anyone is going to be a culture shock. It’s one of the busiest places on earth. You’ve got rickshaws, taxis, cows, dogs, scams… there’s a lot going on.

We almost got scammed at the airport the minute we landed … so we want this blog to help you out so you’re more prepared than we were. We cover EVERYTHING you need to be aware of before landing in Delhi.

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