How do you feel before the big trip?


No one ever talks about this!!!! Here are my thoughts on the situation.

‘You must be so excited’, ‘I bet you can’t wait’, is something you hear a lot when you announce you’re going travelling. But is it normal to be absolutely crapping yourself? Like, yeah! (Hopefully)

We totally underestimated how much goes into going travelling until we decided to do it. It sounds so simple… just pack a bag and go, right? Absolutely not. You have to think about so many random things that you wouldn’t think of normally… Backpackers insurance? What size bag? What brand of bag? (Does it really matter?) Packing cubes? (Didn’t even know that was a thing), shoes? (Massive stress – too many shoes), money? Cameras? Go pro? First aid stuff? Sleeping bag? (A mini one by the way, but will we actually need this?) A ‘micro fibre towel’ (like, what even?), and then you have things like, different currencies, visas, what to do/what not to do in different countries, what to wear– these are just a few from the top of my head, I will do an official list in a different post.

Then you have things that you must go without in order to be able to afford everything you need to get before you go plus saving enough money to go and enjoy ourselves for as long as possible. Its things like; Shopping, going ‘out-out’, going away for weekends, nice meals, different activities, stopped getting my nails/hair/eyelashes done. You basically have to live half the life you would normally if you want to be able to save enough to enjoy yourself when you go. Which obviously makes complete sense? But 7/8 months of it takes its toll and it’s defiantly ‘tested’ us as a couple.

Other things we have had to sacrifice are: living together (I lived with Sams family for about a year and a half), sold Calvin (my lovely red Corsa), stopped buying nice lunches every day whilst at work, stopped buying loads of nice clothes on boohoo & missguided (waaahh) and up there with moving out of Sams, is stopping kickboxing (cries) this also broke my heart as we loved it and will always love it… – I could go on.

I’m not saying we haven’t done anything for the last 7 months because that would be a lie, but we have only allowed ourselves to go out on special occasions (mostly) or buying things for travelling or that we know is going to come in useful with the odd meal out – it’s also hard to avoid it too because we are going away for the long run and want to see our families and friends and spend as much time with everyone as we can. We have learnt that if you want to spend time with people you don’t actually have to spend loads of money, as surprising as that sounds! – Just going round to our friend’s houses with a few beers does the job just fine.

Going travelling has always been a dream of both of ours. For years now we have both said that we want to go (it was one of the first conversations we had when we met). This year we decided that this is the year we grab life by its balls and start our adventure we have waited so long to start, with 7 months to go, with money to save and things to get/organise, we booked our flights, straight to Bangkok, Thailand. Then for about 6 weeks we barely spoke about travelling. Everything just slowly sunk in, and secretly we were freaking the f**k out.

I told my work I was leaving, which was really hard because surprisingly, I actually love where I work and I get on really well with everyone there, but once you get bitten by the travel bug – you have to just embrace life and crack on with it.

Through the slightly stressful times of preparing for our life-changing ventures, we keep having to remind ourselves that this WILL BE AMAZING. Stop panicking. We are not brought into this world to work 9-5 every day… if you ever have the opportunity to save hard then seriously, go for it. Why the devil not?

Oh, something I may have missed, that you might be wondering… ‘What’s their plan?’ & the simple answer is… we do not have one.

Thanks for reading!


 Here is a picture of me, getting through the stress of leaving
Here is a picture of me, getting through the stress of leaving