Hong Kong

Hong Kong. What a place! If you have a slightly higher backpacker budget and fancy splurging for a few days, Hong Kong is your place! 

Quick tip: Go and spend £15 on an ice cream at Emack & Bolios. Best ice cream we have ever had in our entire life. 

Don’t spend more than 4/5 days in Hong Kong, as it’s very business/international & too expensive for us backpackers.

Check out our 5 days in Hong Kong guide below!


5 Things to do and 1 Thing NOT TO DO: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, is a cool, laid back city with plenty to do/see. It was a slight culture shock for us as we had been living it fairly rough, messy bun, dirty clothes, super cheap lifestyle… You know how it is in SEA. When we arrived in Hong Kong we realised how well kept everyone was so had to get some new clothes and put a bit of slap on, (for the first time in 3 months).

Its definitely an expensive city and busy city but worth a visit for sure. Here is 5 things we think you should do and 1 thing you need to avoid…

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