Helping Thai Soldiers


When Lozza and I were exploring Bangkok we stumbled across an American guy called Ben. We were in McDonald’s on Koh San Road. Ben was lost so brought an ice cream to get the wifi password (which Lauren ended up eating ffs) – but because of Lozza being a hungry mare we become really good friends with him and spent the whole night with him. He had been to Thailand a ton of times so he took it upon himself to be our little guide for the evening. He introduced me to one of the best things I’ve ever eaten… fried frogs.

After a couple of beers, we had all decided to head back to Silom to watch one of the world famous ping pong shows (which ended up being an absolute nightmare, as you can imagine… but that’s a whole different story). The time was 7:30pm which meant the boat taxi was still available. We checked with Ben if he had used the boats before and he hadn’t so the three of us decided to walk there and travel to Silom that way.

On the way to the river, we strolled passed some Thai locals preparing food. Ben told us to take a photo because it will make their day, so we started snapping away. The little old ladies who were chopping up the veggies were so excited to see us. Shortly after we were being nosey someone came over and opened the gate allowing us to go in and check the place out! We were fascinated by everything going on, everyone was doing their bit to get this mountainous meal ready. The little old ladies were prepping the food, 5 or 6 soldiers out back cleaning the pots and pans, around 8 soldiers cooking on 2 different woks (these woks were the real deal, an easy 3foot wide) and one head chef directing them all to work in harmony with one another. The soldiers used these metal ores to stir up this huge wok of food moving around the wok, mixing up the food all at the same time whilst chanting ‘1,2, up’ in Thai, it was like watching a film.

As we were taking photos the soldiers asked if we wanted to help. So there Ben and I are 2 beers in, cooking with the local soldiers. That’s a memory I will never forget. We were about to leave and the ladies that were preparing the veg had made all 3 of us dinner to leave with. It was vegetables in a very spicy sauce. Lozza took a mouthful in front of them and her lips basically swelled up (hilarious). What an amazing, accidental experience… this is the kind of travelling I have always dreamed of.