Dreams CAN Come True in Borneo


Have you ever dreamed about seeing wild orangutans? Well since I was a little girl I have always loved animals. A teacher at my school spent a lot of time volunteering in Borneo with orphaned orangutans, which has always inspired me to go. I had to see these beautiful animals myself.

We went to Malaysian side of Borneo which actually turned out to be the wrong country to where my old school teacher runs a beautiful orphanage charity for orangutans, but nevertheless, dreams still came true in Kuching Borneo, Malaysia. 

Borneo is a huge place (it actually has 3 countries on the island alone, that’s how big it is) there is so much to do but its either end of the island. So if you want to travel it properly you’ll need to fly from one end to the other, and spend about a month travelling or just stay in one part like what we did, Kuching – for 2 weeks. 

There’s some amazing things to do, great places to eat, I can 1000% recommend an amazing place to stay too. 

Things to do

  1. Head to Jongs crocodile farm. I know what your thinking, zoo like things aren’t for you? Well, we were exactly the same, being vegans an all. But I am glad we went to the crocodile farm. I have seen some huge crocodiles in my time, spending a year in Australia, but the ones on that farm were humungous. It’s super easy to get the bus there too, and cheap!

  2. Go to Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Siburan, Sarawak. This costs about £2 you walk for about 20 minutes into the jungle and lo and behold, wild orangutans. Well, semi-wild. They are wild but the Rangers will look after them if needed. Most of them have been rehabilitated. There is an eating spot at the reserve twice a day, if the orangutans find food in the jungle they won’t go there, but if they don’t, they will. We were so lucky to see about 8 orangutans. Honestly had a tear in my eye! I’m sure you have heard about the dirty palm oil trade, that is killing soo many orangutans. Click here to find out more and learn how you can make a difference.

  3. Get a boat to Bako National Park and find yourself a wild proboscis monkey. These things are huge and if you find yourself in a situation where they jump to you, your screwed, and you might sh*t yourself. (Speaking from experience 😂). You can actually hike for 2 days here and stay at the National Park, we decided to make a day of it though.

  4. Explore Kuching city. There are some great shopping malls and eateries! The city has a lot going on and they often have markets by the water.

  5. Explore the traditional, local villages. You pay a small fee and you get to see how traditional people of borneo live. They also put on a show for you.


Marco polio guesthouse. One of the best places we stayed actually and this was down to Sam and his wife who own the guesthouse. They were so accommodating and even took us out with them for some great local food. We extended our stay here for like 2 weeks.  


Local food stools, markets and vegan cafes. The food in Borneo was actually soo good. They have a whole mix of options and cover every dietary need!

One thing that stood out for us was how kind the local people of Borneo are. We didn’t have one issue. From the minute we landed to the minute we left we were constantly being inspired by the local people.  They spoke very good English too.

If your thinking about going to Borneo, you should 100% go! It’s one of the highlights of our whole Asia trip!  

 Thanks for reading! Let me know if this helped you in the comments below! 

Lozza & Sam