Top Things To Do In Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

We absolutely fell in love with Unawatuna. There’s just so much to do there and it’s very chill! We hired a scooter for a few days and went exploring all around Unawatuna and just loved it. There are so many different vibes. We got Bali vibes, Koh Lanta, and a splash of Italy believe it or not.

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek – Self Guided

Are you thinking of hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp? THINK NO FURTHER. In this blog, I am going to give you the ULTIMATE run down on what you need, best route, whether to do the trek guided or by yourself and what to expect. Reaching Everest Base Camp has to be one of the most amazing achievements. How many people do you know who can say that? It could be you soon!

Delhi Travel Guide – Arriving in Delhi

Arriving in Delhi for anyone is going to be a culture shock. It’s one of the busiest places on earth. You’ve got rickshaws, taxis, cows, dogs, scams… there’s a lot going on.

We almost got scammed at the airport the minute we landed … so we want this blog to help you out so you’re more prepared than we were. We cover EVERYTHING you need to be aware of before landing in Delhi.

The ULTIMATE Bali Travel Guide

Bali is without a doubt one of the most Instagramable places on this earth. You can find the most beautiful scenery, waterfalls, beaches, along with beach clubs, beautiful hotels, villas, great food, the list goes on!

Bali is busy & touristy, so you really should have an idea of what you would like to do to get the most out of your experience. This is where we come in. We have been to Bali 5 times now and have travelled a fair bit around Bali and its islands nearby. This blog will cover: all the apps you need, the scams to be aware of, and how to best spend you’re time on one of the most famous islands on this earth…

The Best Places To Visit – Malaysia

Malaysia is actually a lot bigger than what people normally think. Beautiful beaches, great food, amazing culture. We visited Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo. Our first stop we went to was Langkawi which is a duty-free ISLAND. Yep, island. The most amazing bottles of wine for £4 or less. Would I be lying if I said we didn’t get hammered every single night?

Dreams CAN Come True in Borneo

Have you ever dreamed about seeing wild orangutans? Well since I was a little girl I have always loved animals, a teacher at my school spent a lot of time volunteering in Borneo with orphaned orangutans, which has always inspired me to go. I had to see these beautiful animals myself.

Koh Samui Travel Guide

Thailand in general is such a beautiful place and as many of you know, Sam and I spent around 4 months of our trip mainly in Koh Samui, Thailand. To us, when we go back it feels like home, this is mainly because we pretty much lived at Lamai Muay Thai Camp. But Koh Samui in general is a great place, so diverse. You can chill at beautiful beaches, head to amazing parties, or have a quiet evening at a nice restaurant. Im going to run through some of the highlights Koh Samui has to offer and what we think you would also LOVE.

10 Things Backpackers Always Forget

Packing your backpack is always a challenge. I think most other backpackers will agree that you pack and re pack about 5 times before you are properly satisfied that you have ‘everything’. I’ve put together a blog with 10 random things that backpackers seem to always forget. These are super handy and we have used every single item so many more times than anything else we have taken with us. These are also the only remaining items that we have left since we started our trip in 2017…

We Were in For a Huge Shock – Tokyo Toilets & Maids

WHY do we love Japan so much? Well… a few reasons really. But there was 2 funny surprises/experiences we found ourselves in that we couldn’t not share with you!

We always say that Tokyo is the best city on earth and I don’t think anything will change that! The reason is always the same… Tokyo is different. Different from any other city we have visited in the whole world. From Sumo Wrestlers to robot restaurants you totally have a whole scope of different experiences you would normally have in other cities around the world.

I want to fill you in on 2 funny experiences we found ourselves in… Ever been squirted up the a*** by a toilet… WELL….