Australia. Our home for a year and the place we got engaged! Australia is the biggest island on earth, it can fit the whole of Europe (and more) inside it, just to put it into perspective. 

We spent 4 months working on a farm in Queensland so we could qualify for our second year visas. We then travelled the whole east coast in our camper van ‘Peggy’. We then spent the remaining 6 months in Melbourne. We are planning to head back to Australia in the new year (2020) for our second year. 

Quick tip: If you are planning to travel in Aus and not work, our best suggestion would be to rent a camper van or 4×4. You can live as cheap or as expensive as you want, it really depends. Excursions and partying in Australia are EXPENSIVE, in saying that, the parties and the excursions were some of the best in the world. Pick wisely. 

If you are heading to Australia to work, and decide to stay for a second year, I have written a blog below on all the info you could possibly need on ‘farm work’. Check it out!


Farm Work Australia

Soo, the dreaded Aussie farm work. Here you’ll find all the things you need to know before starting your farm work.

Some people describe it as pure slavory, and in some ways I have to aggree. At a lot of farms you get treated like shit, and thats simply because for the most part we are all there for the same reasons: our second year visa and the dollar – even the management are getting sponsored so everyone feels the same.

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