Hello! We are Sam and Lozza (Lauren) and we have been travelling around the world for over 2 years now and it is our life.
Sam and I met through some mutual friends nearly 4 years ago and have been together ever since.
Our relationship hasn't been easy, we actually faced A LOT of heart ache in the first few years of our relationship and spent a lot of our time grieving. No one should have to go through the amount of bereavements we had in such a short space of time. However, when we went through this dark time we asked each other. Do you want to sit and mope, being unhappy all the time? Or shall we get the hell out of here and do something that we have both been dreaming of our whole lives?!
Obviously we chose the second one and we have never looked back.
To us, travelling sets our spirits free. It educates us of these beautiful cultures, foods, animals I could go on for hours. Being able to travel so easily is a blessing and something so many take for granted. We embrace everything. Even the bad times.
Travelling has shaped us massively. It has made us learn about ourselves and each other.
Pair of Plodders was born in 2017 where all of this madness began.
Since then we have really grown a passion for travel photography, videography, web design, blogging, editing etc etc. We have made soo many travel mistakes on the way and our wish is to plough all of our information on here so that we can help other travellers not make the same mistakes we have.
Anyway, its great to meet ya! Make sure you send us a message on our instagram (click photo above) so we can find out more about you!
Peace and love,
Lozza & Sam


Hello ello, Im Lozza. Good to meet ya! I'm a happy - go - lucky kind of gal that loves travel & life more than anything. Life is about embracing. You never know how much time you have on this wonderful planet, so you might as well explore it!
I love animals A LOT. Just as much as I love travel. I am 24 years old originally from a small village in England. I'm actually a qualified make up artist, as you can tell in my photo above, I have stuck very well with that... *sigh*... When they say you get the travel bug, they don't lie. When that bug bites, there is no stopping you.
The world is your oyster & I am not done until I have seen it all, no matter what it takes.


Hellooo I'm Sam.
I'm an easy going guy that loves travel and taking plenty of cool snaps on the way. I don't take life too seriously and am always up for a laugh. I love sport, and normally play rugby at home in the UK. Loz & I do train martial arts, more recently Muay Thai and we have had a total of 6 bouts between us. I enjoy going out for beers with my mates, although I'm not a very good drinker as I'm sure Lozza has already told you!
I'm also from a small village in England. I love animals too! Eating meat is not on either of our agendas.
My Goal in life is to stay happy, continue travelling the world and spreading peace and love. This world needs that for sure!