Hello ello, Im Lozza. Good to meet ya! I'm a happy - go - lucky kind of gal that loves travel & life more than anything. Life is about embracing. You never know how much time you have on this wonderful planet, so you might as well explore it!
I love animals A LOT. Just as much as I love travel. I am 24 years old originally from a small village in England. I'm actually a qualified make up artist, as you can tell in my photo above, I have stuck very well with that... *sigh*... When they say you get the travel bug, they don't lie. When that bug bites, there is no stopping you.
The world is your oyster.


Elo I'm Sam. I have a man bun.
I'm an easy going guy that loves having fun. Not taking life too seriously and enjoying everything that gets thrown at me. I love sport, and normally play rugby at home in the UK. I enjoy going out for beers with my mates, although I'm not a very good drinker as I'm sure Lozza has already told you!
I'm also from a small village in England. I love animals too! Cutting meat out of our diets was the best thing we ever done.
My Goal in life is to stay happy, continue travelling the world and spreading peace and love. This world needs that for sure!


Soo, you wanna know about us?? Alright then we'll fill you in.
Sam and I met through some mutual friends. We was actually at the local pub when this drunk guy come up to me and tried to plant one on me! I had just come out of a relationship so was not interested at all...
The guy ... was Sam. Mortified, as you can imagine.
I bumped into him a few more times and always took the p*ss out of him for doing that haha... I started to get to know him a bit. Then he asked me out on a date!! I'd never been on a proper date before.
Our date couldn't of gone more wrong if it tried... Sam's car wouldn't start, so I had to go and pick him up!! We went to 3 different restaurants before finding somewhere with a table. Sam dropped a big bit of bread in his soup which splashed all over him... I dropped some butter on the floor and later realised that Sams foot was on top of it... AND ... The only thing on the menu that I liked was spaghetti... SPAGHETTI!!! On a first date is less than ideal let me tell you. Oh god, it was going everywhere.
After the crazy date we had we decided to go to a local pub, then maybe a month later I had pretty much moved in to Sams families home.
Our relationship was far from normal from the beginning. First of all, we started boxing together after only being together for a few months. Which was actually really fun. But this really helped as a distraction/relief from what was going on behind closed doors. We had to face a lot of heart break and grief on both sides. We actually lost 6 people over the space of 6 months. At the age of 22 I had been to over double the amount of funerals than weddings & the worst part was that not one of them was of age.
As you can imagine, it f*cked us up & we still grieve now, but we had a choice... We can either stay upset forever and let it really effect our lives... or, we can do something with ourselves... It's chiche, but we were not born to pay bills and die.
So we had been together for a year and 9 months when we hit the road, & the Pair of Plodders were created! Tomorrow is actually our 2 year travel anniversary. Can you believe it? We have officially been on the road for over half of our relationship. What a great feeling.

I (Lozza) have found a love in writing blogs and together creating travel videos & travel couple photography.

This is our life now, and we love it.

Thanks for reading, Sam & Loz.